About Me:

​​I'm "A Course In Miracles" Minster, Spiritual class teacher, Holy Relationship counselor, Teacher Of God and regular speaker at Community Miracles Center in San Francisco. I was a presenter at the large A Course In MIracles Conference In Las Vegas, April 2016, hosted by Community Miracles Center and will present again at the "Love Makes No Exceptions" ACIM Conferesence, San Francsico, 2018. 

I've studied and applied the teaching of "True Forgiveness" in all my relationships. I've healed all of my past hurts, reached full Self-acceptance and I am in Holy Relationship with everyone who has ever crossed my path.

My passion is to guide others to the peace found only within themselves and to guide them towards experiencing loving relationships by connectin g to the Divine Relationship within. It is in our relationships that we discover our connection to Self, God and Unity.

In addition to my Holy Relationship counseling, I offer free Holy Relationship classes, A Courses In Love classes, Way Of Mastery classes and A Course In Miracles classes.

I have a free podcast on True Relating called, "A Little Kink and Lots of Miracles". The focus in on healing all the lies we are programmed with to have True Relationships of equality and service. 

Here's a little more on my experience:
For 5 years I taught a minsterial ordination class at Community Miracles Center where I'm also a Board Of Directors member. I serve at the large Miracles Conference hosted by Community Miracles Center and speak regularly at Sunday services in San Francisco.  I've taught a two year Way Of Master Class and am currently teaching a "Dialogue's With Masters" class from "A Course Of Love". I privately counsel clients on Holy Relationships and Self Acceptance. 
I spent 11 years in an organization called the Family Of Women. Our focus was having loving successful relationships and taking responsibility for the success of our relationships. I took many leadership training workshops and weekends in that organization and gained valuable insight on how to guide others to fulfilling relationships. I incorporated the tools and experience from that organization in my Spiritual Relationship class at Spiritual Truth Center in Stockton for 3 years.
A little note: 

I have a very direct tell it like it is style. I don’t waste time. I will take you to the root of the issue and guide you to your own answer that comes from within. Your truth is within you. I’ll help you find it there. I have a spiritual gift for guiding people within to their answers. I work with the cause of the issue rather than effects.