Holy Relationship Counseling

Are you ready to have all your relationships reflect Holiness?
Would you like to be supported to heal your own self-abandonment, so you can show up in your relationships as you truly are?
Are you ready to apply the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", "The Way Of Mastery" and "A Course Of Love" in your relationships so they reflect unity and joining rather than separation?

If you're ready for peace in your relationships, I invite you to explore my Holy Relationship Counseling. I offer counseling for individuals, couples, or triads. My goal as your counselor is to guide you within to find your own answers based on joining and true forgiveness. I am open to any type of relationship dynamic. Gay, straight, bisexual, poly, multiple partners, kinky, or D/s. Any relationship dynamic will be lovingly accepted. I practice non-judgment.

I spent 11 years in a relationship organization where I developed and led relationship classes and workshops. I taught a spiritual relationship class for two years at a Unity church. I've been a student of ACIM for 36 years and have experienced the innocence of everyone I’ve ever been in relationship with. All my relationships are Holy today.

I would delight in joining within you to guide you to your own awareness of your Holy Self and how to show up in your relationships as that Holy Self.

For more info & to schedule a consultation, contact me by visiting the contact page.

Cost: $35.00-$75.00 per hour sliding scale.
*If you're not satisfied with the first session you will not be charged.