The Miracles Trilogy Tele-class Series

Jeshua has given me the idea that,  A Course Of Miracles, T he Way Of Mastery and A Course Of Love are indeed a Trilogy. These three amazing books actually fit beautifully together.

ACIM, the first book’s goal is to threaten the ego with sound and profoundly and beautiful logic. This work of art opens our minds to another Voice, but also speaks to the ego. ACIM is actually written on two levels. One that addresses the ego and the other addresses The Christ.  

The Way Of Mastery reunites us with our hearts and also renders desire and the ego harmless. This book gets us out of our heads and into our hearts. 

A Course Of Love then unites Heart With Mind and restores us to our true Identity. Join me for a class where the best of each book in brought together in a fun new way that “uses time wisely” and “creates anew”.

*Both classes start the third week in July, 2016.
Wednesdays 9-10:30 AM PST
Thursdays 6-7:30 PST 

For more info & to register for the class, contact me by visiting the contact page .

This class is ongoing. You can join anytime. All classes are free via phone or computer.